Added the Book Cafe to the Divalicious Adventure Family in 2016, when new local space (In Palm Beach County) became available, the task of filling 2000 square feet with books began. Adventure drives her, but the love of coffee books and wine fuels her soul. She is a self described "wild woman" and aims to collect the largest number of woman centered books in the US. 

The Baristas 

Coffee and Expresso Specialists 

A group of loyal adventure seekers who aim to make you the best cup of joe on their breaks from adventure. If you ask them they will happily tell you the best Adventure they have had or what adventure they hope to take on. 

The Book Specialists

Bookalicious Book Lovers 

Keepers of the library collection and seekers of rare and wonderful books.  These adventurers are always ready to share what books they love and point you in the right direction. Feel free to browse, borrow or buy.