Divalicious Book Adventures

divalicious book adventures




We offer a brick and mortar  space to drink your coffee and enjoy our collection of rare and bestselling books. We offer both New and Old, with an added community Library tucked in a corner open to the public six days a week 



If you are craving a quiet place to read and drink good coffee, our location provides what you are searching for. With a healthy collection of books and records with fresh brewed coffee served through out the morning and treats served from morning to night.  

"Drink good coffee Read Good Books" Is one of our favorite quotes and we wake up dreaming about the next good cup and go to sleep looking forward to the next good read. and who can say no to the occasional locally baked cookie or muffin. On special nights our book club members enjoy free wine compliments of Kemorene Wines a division of our parent company Divalicious Adventures 


drink good coffee read good books

Every cup achieves that elusive, balance of smooth and strong add the perfect book and your evening or morning is set